On Transience


How good would it feel to let go?

How good would it feel to let go of all you’ve been through? “Dont let the burdens of your past weigh you down. Let go of all the animosity, bitterness, & resentment. Stop beating yourself up over what you should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve done. The past has already happened, it’s over, let it go.”

Some of the major things happened in 2017:

graduated from university, on January

started my first job, on February

let go of people, who I thought I wont he able to leave them. It was toxic, unhealthy, I had to listen to the logical part of me and leaving them. Good memories will remain in the unforgettable memory box. However, making this decision took me 6 months to do it. I was %110 sure it was the right call when I did it.

stepped out of the comfort zone when I realized it’s about time to turn the page… I left work on December, I felt like it was holding me back from where I should be, from the right place, the right job for my potentials. So I decided to leave.

My goal is to try to have a wing-able spirit and spread them high in 2018.

Making a big life change is pretty scary.

But, know what’s even scarier?

Regret. ~Unknown

كسرة نفس

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى بعد ما بادر اهتمامه في البدايه… ومافي أحلى من البدايات وسحرها

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى، تننظر منه يوريها اهتمامه الأولي

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى .. أنانيتها أختفت وبدأ قلبها يشوف كل شي يجي منه جميل.. 

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى.. وغامرت بقلبها ومشاعرها له، وراهنت عقلها بأنه يبادلها نفس الاهتمام،

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى، وحطت له بدل العذر، أعذار وأسباب

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى،، قرر أن يتركها

فتاه أُعجبت ب فتى،.. كانت تظن انه سيبقى كما هو كان في بداياته

Better not knowing

Imagine if you know what’s going on the finale of ur favorite TV show, would u be still “as excited” to watch it as if you didn’t know anything about the ending? 

Most people would say no if not almost all of em.. That’s why people hate spoilers, they kill all the fun!
In this case, knowing my life story will kill all “the fun” of being alive.


A lesson to be remembered 

All assumptions are almost never true
All the assumptions and the drama u make up inside ur head are wrong
All the assumptions that others make about you and about other people are false as well
99% of things you fear or worry about never happen. Don’t let it consume or have power over you.