I give up trying mom.

My mom doesn’t even try to accept me for who I am or understand me. She thinks I suppose to be some kind of robot, so then I will do everything she wants, and then shall never disappoint her. She wants to change the whole me to a total different person. 


I guess I should stop trying to make her understand that life doesn’t only has two options either right path or wrong path, cuz they both can be right! It’s you who choose which path you want to take, but it doesn’t mean that one of them is right and the other one is wrong. Both of them have its ups and downs, goods and bads. 


Again, there’s no good perfect path, and wrong path. No one should decide what path you should take but you.  

Once you know how to think outside the box, you’ll able to see all the point of views from all the different angles.

That what you are missing about the real meaning of life, mom.


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