Love is a myth.

Am I the only person who thinks relationships are for fools or…? Love doesn’t come within days. There is no such love at the first sight. Love is just a myth, that old people have told stories about its miracles and darkness over years. We can’t repeat the myth stories, it’s belong in the history books, in the imagination section of the library. It can only help you to dream big, to hope for the best, to keep going with life believing in something better can happen in any minute of the day, because you believe in love; the myth. 


On the other hand, to see it in different angle, the Chinese who believe in the dragon myths, the powerful Phinoex bird, and so on. We know deep inside its just stories to tell the kids before sleep, or to get their attentions, or to awaken up their imagination creativity. But it’s not real, never was. 


We raised up believing in many things that we discovered later it was never real. But love? Did I ever been in love? Well, I believe in soulmates existing, my real other half, is breathing, living somewhere above this planet. If we are lucky enough we will find each other in the right time, if not, we may pass by each other, but we may be distracted by other things and never be together. 


What I believe in is love doesn’t go away, doesn’t disappear. Yes, I’ve been in hurt, I’ve been broken. My heart have been repaired all the broken peaces together. But no, I’ve never been in love. Real love only happens once in a life time, and that love never hurts you, never left you broken, its pure, it lasts, its priceless, hard to find, worth the waiting.


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