A wisdom quote from my own: You can’t turn a bird into a tree!

Meaning: the tree is the culture’s traditions, we live in that tree the whole life. We are the birds, we can’t go far beyond that tree,  they mentally broke our wings because its forbidden to fly away from that tree! So we grew up following the tree’s rules, we didn’t need to learn how to fly, because we have born this way. Everyone on that tree know how to fly, but don’t dare to try! Because it’s forbidden and if you did, everyone will be ashamed of what you did. And your family will be ashamed as well.

But guess what! In the end of the day, the great lord made me as a bird not a tree who can’t move from its place for the rest of its life! So I’ll move as soon as I can, I will fly, I’ll spread my wings and live freely as I should be, and I wish you do the same too.


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