I have felt pain, I have endured hardship, I have suffered loss of loved ones and I have memories I want to forget. However, these things have made me stronger and a better than I used to be. 

Today I face the world with a smile, because I know things will always get better and those who love me will always be there for me.

Life is too short to stop my life for anyone or anything, and be around people who wanna see you to fail, I will work as hard as I can to make my goals be reality. Iwill go beyond my comfort zone. Because thats how people survive on this planet.

I keep remind myself that every day, every hour, every second, I’m a step closer to catch that star.

Keeping the positivaty in my life is oneof the main things of why my life turned aroind…. i sometime tell myself that “I’m as shine as a white swan at the full moon night”  instead of waiting someone to tell me of what I’m worth or capable of. I only need myself to believe in me, and that’s how it started.


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