Be successful, by being you


In my younger ages, I used to work hard to impress the ones around me, and fit in by being a copy of the rest. I used to believe by being like them, I’ll be more likeable, and this is a success! Well, eventually, that didn’t get me anywhere near to success or feeling amazing and unique!

Later, I was trying my best ot impress the other gender, by being more easy going, and funny -that is totally not the real me-, etc. But again, I thought by being this kind of person, I’m going to feel smart, unique, and amazing -pfft I used to be shallow and stupid-. I learned my lessons later on and kept searching to find what I’m suppose to be.

I’m suppose to be me! Yes, as simple as that. I’m focusing on the one I’ve should realised eariler, but I don’t feel bad about it as long as I learned from my old experience -and that means being wiser, bounce!-

In the present, I’m treating my body right, by eating the right nutritions it needs. I’m treating my mind right as possible as I can, by filling it with new knowledge, daily research, and reading at least 10 pages a day of self-improvement books. I’m treating my heart right, by using my mind to judge, analyize, and take actions. I become the person I’m today, because I know my worth, I know what I’m capable of.

I learned by being you, it means understanding yourself more, knowing what you actually need to fill your life with, and only then, you will easily know what you want to reach. You will work hard for that, and reach it. Your goals, your unique goals, and unique vision, because it comes from your inner self, not a copy of anyone’s goal or dream.


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