“Happiness is when the burden has been dropped and the mirror is found again; your mirror can again reflect the trees and the sun and the sand and the sea and the stars. When you have again become innocent, when you again have the eyes of a child – in that clarity you are happy.” Osho


Everything ends

We are all moving forward In different directions, enjoy the time with your friends you love while it lasted, cause your paths may never intersect again.

Everything ends at one point; it’s no one’s fault but this is life.

Blue moon

It’s okay to feel blue, to feel down at one point.

Unfortunately trying to distract your mind with doing other things won’t help it, but time will. 
Everything in life is just a matter of time 

Far away

The sun is a star that keeps our planet warm and lightened 
We can’t enjoy looking at the sun the same way we look at the stars at night. It’s too close, it will hurt our eyes if we kept looking
Some things are more beautiful being so far away from us than too close, because being too close may hurt us. 

Your message had been delivered

Meeting you has hit me.. I thought I did them wrong, I thought I made their lives miserable, I tbought i was not worth being alive because they made me think thet I made theor life living hell. But you made me realize that I did good to myself by saying no to the meds they wanted me to use because they thought I am crazy abd sick; but in fact i was just depressed. They wanted me to take xanax so they can have a peacful life and shut me down to be a lifeless obeying daughter like my eldest. I fought for so long, for my rights, for my goals and I became bette through the years without the meds. 

I did them goood and prevented them from doing more damages in my life 

How did you help me figure this out? You are using the same meds my parents wanted me to use. You are so calm to the point that I can’t feel your spirit. That made me sad, the fact that my family wanted to take what makes me, me. 

I did myself good.

Everyone around you has to be there for a purpose. Allah doesn’t plant unnecessary connections in our lives. Everyone you meet has a specific reason.

Either they are supposed to change your life; to teach you, to use you, to bring out the best in you, or you are supposed to help change theirs. 

We’re all messengers, everyone you meet, on your journey has a message for you. 

Be open to receive it

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